Peter von Bartkowski has developed a very comprehensive, large and handsome poster titled Highlights of the Jazz Story in USA. The poster depicts an extensive and intricate jazz family tree dating back to the turn of the century and all-inclusive of the many tributaries and diffrent movements that have made jazz what it is"
NJSO JOURNAL, Washington D.C.

"but this labor of love is rather extraordinary and would make a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself"

"Peter von Bartkowski´s stationery says ..." Nobody is perfect..." and indeed some will argue with where who is and who ain´t there all) on his 27" X 40" poster Highlights of the Jazz Story in USA, but unarguably lays out enough history to provide a framework which will be useful to neophyte and intermediate afficionados. There are oodles of tiny photos but it´s mostly verbal, in a roots, trunk and branches format. Quite a tree.
JAZZ TIMES, Silver Spring, MD

...the poster does provide a fair overview of jazz styles and history. It is an attractive product, and would make a good present for the jazz fan
RHYTHMS, Australia

...Etonnant abre genealogique...l´editeur allemand Peter von Bartkowski a eu une idée geniale: réunir sur un seul document-poster, en couleurs évidemment

... Unique idea for tracing the origins of jazz ...mounted on board, they also act as a decorative and fascinanting wall piece
THE STAR, Johannesburg, South Africa

Peter your´e a gem and a rare talent. You´ve brought happiness to many people. Keep The Faith and may God Bless you.
All the Best Clark Terry 1998.

I am writing to inquire as to how to purchase o copy of your wonderful poster of a jazz tree
The Jazz Film Project, Inc., New York

I admired your poster at the home of David Liebman when we were working on a projekt
Gunnar Mossblad, Jazz Studies Coordinator

An indispensible reference for the educator and jazz enthusiast!
The Jazz Store, USA

I saw your jazz poster when I came in SCFM - a Radio Station in Surabaya
Doddy Poerwanto, Kediri, Indonesia

I saw your very good jazz poster in a club called Thai Barn in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fernando S. Barbosa, Singapore

I saw your jazz poster in the St.Petersburg Jazz Philharmonic Hall (Russia)
Ann L. Hamilton, Greenfield

I saw your poster at the Madhatter recording studio in Los Angeles
Yvonne Williams, Hollywood

In a music school here in Brasil I saw your jazz poster
Valdemar de Campos, Sao Paulo

I wandered into Le Meridian Hotel´s Lion Hampton Jazz Club in Paris and noticed your interesting jazz " family tree" on the wall.
Larry B. Grimes, Great Falls, VA

Off all in Bogota I saw your jazz poster
Thomas Wacks, Vienna, Austria

Your poster is a very unique and talented piece of art work
Bob Burns, Orlando, EL

Your beautiful jazz tree poster I have seen on display at several recording studios in Los Angeles
James Carney, Jacaranda Records, Beverly Hills, CA

I saw your jazz poster at the Jazz Museum at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ...
Hal Forman, Westwood

Enquiring about purchasing your beautiful Jazz History Tree poster full ske that I saw in the Esquire Japan magazine...
Richard Omania, San Erancisco, CA

What a truly fantastic poster of the Jazz scene!!! My compliments on your work and research for this great poster
Pratt´s Picture Erames, Portland, OR

The posters are beautiful. Nice work Peter
GRP Records, New York

Last week in Milan I had the pleasure of seeing your poster
Robert Bernacchi, Roma

Mr. Peter, most probably you are not the richest man in Hamburg, but you have a lot of friends all around the world the connect your name with your wonderful jazz poster
Stefano Aprea, Naples, Italy

In Las Bovedas, an excellent nightclub in Panama City on the wall in the entrace way was the best poster I´ve ever seen" It is done so intelligently with an elegant mix of photos and text and design
Nina Gibson, City College of San Francisco

I was so happy to discovery your jazz poster at the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies in Newark
Laura Shallop, Weehawken, NJ

I would like to give you special congratulations for your jazz poster
Dr. Jose Isidorio Erias Guerrero, Parlamento Latinoamericano, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Well received your magnificent poster Highlights of the Jazz, already placed on the wall of my Residence
Arnaldo Carrilho - Ambassador of Brasil in Bangkok

One bright summerniqht in Istanbul (as usual), in a very pretty bar, after some beer accompanied by jazz music I turn my head lefside say " Jesus" perceiving your jazz poster on the wall
Can Alpkaya, Istanbul

I thank you for your contribution and your efforts to make people feel in a jazzing mood
T. Eden Apetor Ehon V, Chef Canton de Kpalime, Togo, Africa

I have recently seen an interesting poster outlining the history of Jazz at Bar Ristorante Barcone, Milan during my recent overseas trip
Pradip Bhatia, Mumbai, India

While visiting London last week I have seen your marvelous " Jazz Tree" poster
Laurence D. Shind, jazz promoter & radio DJ, Boston

I saw your wonderful "Jazz Family tree poster" just wanted to tell you that I was honored to be included! Thank you!
Steve Khan, New York